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STACK software offers the cloud-based collaboration, takeoff and estimating tools you need to streamline your bid process, eliminate risk and grow your business.

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Revenue Increased When We Started Using STACK

I have increased my productivity by 1000%. I’m now doing 10 times more bids and with much greater accuracy too!

Kudu Roofing


Kudu Roofing

Saves Time and $$$$$

STACK is a complete time saver for us. It is extremely accurate with great support and provides us with the reports we need to accurately quote projects.

Your All-in-One Takeoff & Estimating Solution

Plan text search

find the important details

Simultaneously search all plan titles & content to find what you’re looking for.

Shaking Hands

Keep the team

Keep everyone aligned by always working on the same plan set.

Simplify Complex Calculations

get fast & accurate Quantities

Put hours back on the clock with easy-to use markup & measuring tools.


Quickly create a polished proposal complete with your company logo.

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