Say Goodbye to Half a$$ Estimating Software

If you’re using Bluebeam, you’re settling for half the solution you need to deliver fast, accurate estimates and you deserve more than a partial solution. STACK offers 2X the features and capabilities to take your preconstruction process to the next level.

Try STACK’s All-In-One Takeoff and Estimating Platform

If you’re using Bluebeam, you’re settling for half the solution you need to deliver fast, accurate estimates. STACK’s all-in-one platform will help you bid and win more work in less time. 

Lockup TakeoffEstimating

Cloud-Based & User-Friendly

STACK is entirely cloud-based, more intuitive, and works on any OS – including Mac! Bluebeam is windows-based, busy, and confusing.

Estimates & Proposals

With Bluebeam, estimating capabilities are limited to quantity exports to Excel. STACK offers items, assemblies, estimates, estimate reports and proposals.


Analytics & Analysis

Bluebeam Revu lacks analytics and analysis tools. STACK provides intuitive dashboards for accessing instant feedback on project details.

Customer Spotlight

See how Demotik achieved 50-75% better productivity and 30-40% win rates with STACK.

As a super subcontractor performing several trades, Demotik grappled with a slow estimating process and lost profits before finding STACK. Now, they’re seeing an increase in productivity, higher win rates, and better profit margins.


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STACK Outperforms Bluebeam

STACK excels when it comes to the key capabilities contractors look for in preconstruction software.  From an extensive material and assembly database to intuitive plan organization & search features to superior training and customer support, STACK rises above the competition.


STACK’s takeoff and estimating software takes on more so your teams are more effective and efficient.

Advanced Measurement
Auto Count
Takeoff Library / Templates
Takeoff Tagging / Labeling
Estimate & Proposal Management
Item / Assemblies
Third Party Pricing Data Integration
Advanced Estimating (Spreadsheet Estimating)
Documents & Collaboration
Full Text Searching
Auto Hyperlinking of Plans
Sharing & Invite
Simplicity & Time to Implement
Cloud Enabled
Reporting & Exporting
OS Flexibility
Integrations / API
Support (Training & Chat)

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