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To log into SmartUse on web or receive product support, use the links below. For mobile users, access your SmartUse projects through the STACK mobile app on iOS, Android, or Windows.

A plan viewing app that simplifies jobsite management.

STACK’s plan viewer makes digital plans accessible onsite with zoom, search, and markup capabilities on any device. Compare versions with side-by-side viewing, include photos with issue details, and automate daily reports. 

Lockup FieldProduct
Decision Making

Real-Time Plan Access

Eliminate time spent searching and working from outdated information. Store, find, and retrieve all current project documents with just a flew clicks. You can also collaborate across teams and make informed decisions by instantly viewing & marking up plans on any device with no delays, even without access to WiFi. And zoom, pan & markup plans with our responsive mobile app.

Plan Access

Access Current Plan Sets

Automatic versioning eliminates working off outdated plans.

Sync Offline Work

Seamlessly sync work completed offline on jobsites with no connectivity.

Side-by-Side Compare

Compare plans with side-by-side viewing functionality.

Data Capture

Field Productivity

Capture real-time data in the field for streamlined productivity on the jobsite and in the back office. 

Plan Markup

Intelligent Daily Reports

Automate reporting, including attachments, project photos & daily weather reports.


Issue Tracking

Create issues onsite with any device (even offline) and link them to plans to clearly understand scope.

Photos & Documents

Attach site photos and other documents to specific plan locations and issues in real-time.


Field Workflows

Standardize your approach to workflow processing, from the office to the jobsite, with seamless project communication in a single platform for RFIs, change orders, punch lists, inspections, tasks, and more.

Change Orders

Faster Turnaround Time

Optimize review & approval processes and retain all project documents in one location for ease of access.


Improve Project Team Relationships

Enhance communication across teams, increase collaboration, and reduce rework due to miscommunications.


Mitigate Risk

Protect your company with an accessible and consistent audit log of all communications and activities.


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Customer Spotlight

See how Pomerleau streamlines accessibility & communication with STACK's SmartUse App

Pomerleau, one of the largest General Contractors in Canada, used to work from paper plans, inhibiting the team’s ability to access the latest information onsite. They understood how STACK’s mobile solution SmartUse would greatly improve their construction processes. 


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