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Manual structural steel takeoff processes and outdated, cumbersome desktop software can slow down your bid process, or worse, cause you to miss a deadline. Cloud-based takeoff and estimating software from STACK provides easy-to-use markup and measurement tools, offers real-time collaboration and delivers detailed reporting to help you submit an accurate structural steel estimate, faster.

Reinforce the accuracy of your plan measurements, decrease takeoff time and increase your project win rate with powerful markup, measurement and collaboration tools. Start saving valuable time and eliminating costly errors in the bid process with STACK structural steel estimating software!

Auto Count

Say Goodbye to Manual Counting

STACK’s auto-count feature quickly counts columns & other plan symbols.

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Bid More Work, In Less Time

Speed up your structural steel bid process with lightning-fast takeoffs.

Quantity Takeoff

Complete Accurate Measurements

Quickly & accurately measure steel beams, columns, decking and more.

PreBuilt Materials Database

Create Custom Assemblies

Customize materials and store them for easy retrieval on future projects.

Structural Steel Estimating and Takeoffs Simplified

Quickly perform standard or custom beam takeoffs by calculating linear feet, weight and more. Plus, utilize STACK’s auto-count feature to automatically count columns and other plan symbols. Apply pre-built or custom assemblies to complete your estimate in a fraction of the time spent in your current bid process.

STACK is easy-to-use, cloud-based for anytime, anywhere access, and completely customizable for each unique project you’re working on! Sign up for a free STACK account to create fast and accurate steel takeoffs & estimates.

Trusted by structural steel contractors large and small.

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