What You Need To Know About Roof Measuring Software

Roof Measuring Software

Are you looking for roof measuring software to make your business more efficient?  In this article, we’ll tackle some of the questions you may be asking yourself, examine different software features to consider when making your purchase, and explain some of the reasons to take the leap and give roof measuring software a try.

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What is Roof Measuring Software?

Roof measuring software is a type of construction software that helps roofing contractors quickly measure construction plans and determine the roof dimensions. Some roof measuring software utilizes rooftop satellite images from sources such as Google Maps or Google Earth to help roofers measure existing roofs for re-roof jobs.

How does Roof Measuring Software Work?

Although roofing contractors would undoubtedly want roof measuring software to do ALL the work for them, software like that unfortunately do not exist!  The good news is that using roof measuring software makes the job a whole lot easier than measuring plans by hand or measuring existing roofs in-person.

So how exactly does roof measuring software work?  First, you’ll upload your construction plans (or satellite aerial photos) into the software.  Next, you use the software’s tools along with your computer mouse to point and click the outline of the roof.  You’ll also enter some important info such as the rise and run of each section of roof.  All this info lets the software calculate the total roofing area and complete a roofing takeoff to give you the material quantities for the job.

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Are There Specific Roof Measuring Software Features That I Need?

There are many features to consider when evaluating roof measuring software.  Depending on the type of roofing jobs you perform, some features may be more important to your business than others.  In general, here’s a few features to look for:

Does the software support multiple upload formats?  Make sure the software works with common plan format types such as pdf and tiff files as well as aerial satellite images such as those from Google Earth.

What roof types will it work for?  It’s important that the software works with flat roofs and pitched roofs no matter what material type will be used.

How quickly can you determine the roof area? Roofs are some of the simpler things to measure on new construction projects.  It should be pretty quick to click the mouse a few times and have the software spit out a roof area.

Does the software have a library of roofing materials and systems loaded into the software? Also, can you add your own custom materials?  If it does, you’ll get a report of exactly how many of each material you’ll need to complete the project.  This makes it easy to create a finalized bid or estimate and ensures you don’t waste money buying too many materials.

Of course, there are many other features that you may need, but the above list should be enough to start comparing. 

Benefits of Roof Measuring Software

There are many benefits to investing in software to help you measure roofs.  Let’s take a look at four key reasons why it makes sense to purchase roof measuring software:

  1. Save Time – if you’re measuring roofs on blueprints, it can be tedious to get out a scale ruler and measure each twist and turn of the roof and then calculate areas by hand. It’s much quicker to just click your mouse a few times to measure your roof and let the software do the calculations.
  2. Increase Accuracy – It’s easy to measure wrong or plug in the wrong number into your calculator. Calculation mistakes mean you could order too much or too few materials.  These mistakes are not only annoying, they are costly too! 
  3. Save Money – Printing blueprints is expensive and inconvenient. With roof measuring software, you won’t have to print anything.  Just upload your plan pages into the software and measure!  You’ll save money every time you won’t have to print out blueprint pages.
  4. Convenience – If you’re working on an existing building, you won’t have to actually drive to the location to do your measurements in person. Time is money, and you’ll be saving a lot of time not having to visit your location in person.

Ready to Get Started?

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