STACK Construction Technologies Acquires Bid Retriever and K-Ops to Further Empower Subcontractors

The industry’s top cloud-based software provider pioneers the most comprehensive subcontractor-focused platform in the construction technology space


CINCINNATI – March 29, 2022 – STACK Construction Technologies announced today its acquisition of two innovative preconstruction and construction solutions – Bid Retriever and K-Ops. By aligning four powerful construction technology solutions (STACK acquired SmartUse in 2021), the company continues to deliver on its vision to become the industry’s go-to platform specifically for subcontractors. 

“Our vision at STACK has always been to provide the unique set of capabilities subcontractors need, and the acquisition of Bid Retriever and K-Ops allows us to continue to build on that objective,” said Phil Ogilby, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of STACK. “Combining these exceptional tools provides high-value, mission-critical functionality to trade contractors from preconstruction through construction.” 

Bid Retriever is a bid management system that streamlines the often-complicated bid invitation process. “From receipt of the initial invite to submitting a bid to one or more GCs, Bid Retriever enables subcontractors to make sense of their inbox and keep track of prime opportunities,” said Doug Bower, CEO at Bid Retriever. “The acquisition not only supports Bid Retriever with a high-growth formula but also streamlines the preconstruction process for subcontractors. We could not be more excited about the combination of our bid management tools with STACK’s leading takeoff and estimating solutions and can’t wait for customers to experience the power of this dynamic duo.” 

On the construction side, K-Ops bridges the gap between the office and the field with top-of-the-line construction management and collaboration software. With unmatched field collaboration and process standardization, K-Ops allows subcontractors to create custom workflows and reports. “We built K-Ops to be an agent for change in the construction industry, and we’re thrilled at the idea of combining its power with STACK’s SmartUse mobile app in the field,” said Hugo Brizard, President of K-Ops. 

“We’ve seen several major acquisitions in the industry in the last 12-24 months, but construction tech behemoths have built and optimized their product around the general contractor,” said Ray DeZenzo, Chief Operating Officer at STACK. “What really differentiates STACK is that the platform speaks specifically to subcontractors. It was founded and built by a sub, and it has the right capabilities for subs. They will no longer have to compromise their internal processes for something that wasn’t built specifically for them.” 

Engineered from the ground up, STACK is in a unique position, poised as the ultimate platform for subcontractors with these acquisitions from funding through Level Equity. STACK now provides end-to-end support for subcontractors, from the time they start relationships with clients to submitting and winning the bid to operating with efficiency and safety on the jobsite to closing out projects on time and within budget. 

“Subcontractors face pressure to be extremely accurate and flexible. They need tools specific to their business, and STACK is nimble, helps mitigate risk, and ensures success for customers,” said Justin Ogilby, Chief Product Officer at STACK. “Our product teams are working hard to fully integrate these systems for a seamless experience for users. Just as SmartUse is now integrated with STACK, Bid Retriever and K-Ops will soon be as well.”  

In an industry traditionally resistant to technology, contractors are seeing the importance of digitization and adopting technology to add systems of process, making their businesses more efficient and ultimately more successful. Subcontractors in particular benefit from adopting a more robust and comprehensive offering like STACK. The platform works hand in hand with leading players in the market, leveraging its powerful, open API and allowing customers to easily move data across platforms, automate important workflows and gain strategic business insights.  

Phil Ogilby, STACK Construction Technologies CEO and Co-founder, is available for interviews. Please contact Darcie Burroughs at to book, and for more information about STACK and this release. 

About STACK Construction Technologies: 

From project evaluation to completion, contractors use STACK’s cloud-based software to help run their business and maximize their profits. Our preconstruction solutions enable fast and accurate takeoff and estimating while our construction solutions power real-time field and project collaboration.

For more information on how STACK software is helping teams gain visibility, insight, and alignment throughout the bid process and in the field, visit

About Bid Retriever: 

Bid Retriever provides subcontractors with a streamlined bid management process, eliminating the need to sort through inboxes and multiple plan rooms for project documentation. Bid Retriever customers can evaluate jobs efficiently with a clean project list and no duplicates.

About K-Ops: 

K-Ops enhances team productivity and centralizes project documentation, closing the gap between office and field. Contractors using K-Ops can track progress in real-time, access communication history, and make informed decisions throughout the construction phase. For more information, visit 


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