STACK’s Top Construction Industry Content of 2023 


It’s been an incredible year for the construction industry with business growth and tech acceleration continuing amidst volatile times. STACK’s industry-leading all-in-one construction platform continues to provide our customers with successful tools. With our extensive content library, you can access free, top-notch educational and strategic resources that will help your business become more profitable. 

In our Top 10 article roundup, we delve into the educational gems within STACK’s content vault. From cutting-edge project management solutions to the nuances of digital collaboration, we provide resources and solutions to some of the most common construction industry issues. 


1. How to Win More Construction Bids With STACK

Learn how to maximize bid output with STACK! Bid faster with takeoffs in minutes as we provide you with tips and tricks for takeoff shortcuts. Utilize STACK’s integration with 1build, giving you direct access to centralized data and real-time pricing. And templatize and standardize your processes in STACK to save time! Ensuring a strategic advantage in the competitive construction bidding landscape is essential, and STACK has your back. 


2. Data Breach – A Contractor’s Security Guide

Data breaches happen due to weaknesses in technology and user behavior, and cyber criminals will research your company and employees to find access to your sensitive information. Using a cloud-based platform like STACK will make sure your data is protected by an iron-clad system. We are paying attention to your data security and valuing it before the fact, preventing data breaches and cyber-attacks on your company with our SOC2 compliance, ‘A’ SecurityScorecard ranking, mobility, and more! 

3. How STACK Supports the Construction Lifecycle

STACK provides solutions for two of the vital phases of the construction lifecycle – preconstruction and construction. Our preconstruction solution allows estimating teams to takeoff, estimate, and quote projects quickly and easily, and our construction solution provides a flexible, collaborative platform for document management and construction management. All within a 100% cloud-based environment for improved productivity and collaboration between the office and the field. 

4. 5 Ways STACK Helps You Become the Best Partner for Your General Contractors

The most successful subcontractors have cultivated relationships with general contractors that allow them to be selective of their bids and accurately predict future work. From leveraging text search to identifying the right projects to estimating your way with our flexible worksheet, STACK has the tools you need to make it easier, faster, and more efficient to be a better partner! 


5. How to Break the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle in Your Construction Business - Video Update!

Trying to grow your business can be nearly impossible while waiting for payments on completed jobs. Project-based contractor financing is a lesser-known option in the construction world, but it’s a lifeline for those contractors who are ready to take their business to the next level. STACK partner Billd offers one of the best platforms we’ve seen for this type of financing. We can help make the most of your funding by setting you up with accurate estimates! 

6. The Top 5 Ways to Lose (and Make) Money on a Construction Project - Video Update!

With so many variables at hand, the risk of financial disaster as a contractor is sky high. From lack of funding to underbidding, it seems like everything is working against you. Did you know the number one way to lose money is a mistake that will cost you ten times more in rework during the construction phase? But there is good news – STACK’s goal is to help your business become more profitable! 


7. The Cost of Doing Nothing

The longer you wait to adopt technology and advance your business, the more money you’re sinking into the costs associated with outdated or manual processes. You’re at risk of working from old documents as well as poorly collaborating with your team to name a few. 

Stop wasting your precious resources – STACK will give your business a complete transformation with our best-in-class software to streamline your preconstruction and construction operations. 

8. Exposing Critical Construction Data Securely for Improved Business Efficiency

It’s a data revolution! With so much information at our fingertips, the options for harnessing your data to make better business decisions are endless. STACK explores the current trends in the industry, the significance of choosing the right software, and the role of technology partners in this digital transformation. And although there is no one-size-fits-all contech platform, STACK’s robust open API helps you integrate with your existing tools keeping your data connected! 

9. Switching Your Current Software to STACK? Here’s 5 Steps for a Smooth Transition

Changing construction software doesn’t have to be a headache. Making the switch to STACK is an investment in the future efficiency and success of your business! Our five easy steps will pave the way for a seamless experience for your data, your team, and your existing workflows. Remember, you’re not switching software to do it the same way – that would be insane! Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your processes. 

10. Why Top-Notch Software is Critical for Issue Tracking in Construction

One of the critical aspects of managing a construction project is tracking issues, defects, punch lists, and snagging lists, as even the smallest problem left unaddressed can escalate into a costly and time-consuming setback. The good news is SmartUse delivers a field-based solution capable of quickly and efficiently recording, detailing, locating, and assigning issues without ever leaving the site! Your team can create issues onsite (on any device), link issues to plans and include photos, and more! 

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