STACK’s Top Construction Industry Webinars & Events of 2022


2022 was an exciting year at STACK, and with the acquisition of K-Ops our all-in-one capabilities are stronger than ever. 

We produced many thought-provoking, insightful webinars for you to help grow your business and we’re sharing the best with you here! STACK’s webinar series ‘The Shop’ provides a deep-dive into trade-specific tips and tricks in our software, while our integration webinars showcase the value of our platform in improving your workflows. Check out the events STACK was at in-person this year as well! 

1. The Shop Webinar Series: Concrete, Landscaping, Roofing, and Painting

STACK’s Takeoff and Estimating software is made to work for a variety of trades. We covered four core trades – concrete, landscaping, roofing, and painting – focusing on the how-to’s, time savings tools, tips and tricks, and trade-specific measurement types. Become an expert in STACK in your trade! 

Watch Now – The Shop Concrete 
Watch Now – The Shop Landscaping 
Watch Now – The Shop Roofing 
Watch Now – The Shop Painting

At STACK, we’re constantly working to help improve your workflows so you can create faster, more accurate bids and win more work. That’s why we’ve partnered with QuickBooks Online to integrate the STACK Takeoff & Estimating platform with your project financials. In this webinar you’ll learn how to eliminate manual work, prevent costly errors, and get paid faster. We also provide you with a FREE downloadable FAQ document!

Watch Now

STACK’s integration with BNi Building News ensures estimators can associate material and labor items directly to their STACK takeoff. In this webinar, you will learn how to support bidding in new areas, create accurate estimates and budgets, guide bid vs. no-bid decisions, and ensure bids are competitively priced, every time. We also provide you with a FREE downloadable FAQ document! 

Watch Now 

Learn about TopBuilder and STACK’s solutions for improving the preconstruction process! You will get an in-depth demo of how to push data from TopBuilder into STACK and vice versa with our roundtrip integration. Help Project Managers, Estimators, and Sales Teams improve collaboration and workflow efficiency. There is a helpful Q&A session after the webinar! 

Watch Now

5. STACK Labs Webinars – What's New at STACK Q12022 and Q22022

Get an in-depth look at STACK’s 2022 feature releases as well as exciting news for the upcoming months! This two-part series will cover our QuickBooks Online integration, new Workforce and Equipment Panner, new hotkeys, new item templates estimating key unit, and more added features!

Watch Now – STACK Labs Q12022 
Watch Now – STACK Labs Q22022 

Learn about STACK and Followup CRM’s capabilities for using your data to make a more efficient preconstruction process! This webinar will go through the problems STACK and Followup CRM solve for trade subcontractors, from inaccurate bid proposals to missed bid dates. You will get an in-depth demo of how to push data from Followup CRM into STACK with our integration as well as a Q&A session after. 

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This webinar featuring Aaron Henderson, Enterprise Sales Director at STACK Construction Technologies, and Doug Rende, CEO at North American Specialty Laminations LLC, focuses on digital solutions to industry-wide supply chain problems. You’ll learn industry trends and issues, drivers and disrupters, evolving priorities, and future predictions for the supply chain.

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We love to connect virtually through our webinars, but in person is where the magic happens! Below is a rundown of the events STACK attended in 2022. Can’t wait to see you there next year! 

World of Concrete 
AERMQ Congress 
ConTech Quebec 
ConTech Montreal 
The Buildings Show 
NECA Billd Happy Hour 
ENR FutureTech 
Texas Roofing Association 
AERMQ Golf Event 
ASPE Cincinnati Golf Event 

Stay on Top of the Trends with the Latest Industry Webinars and Events

At STACK, we want to be more than your favorite all-in-one construction platform. As thought leaders and industry experts, we provide the insights you need to take your business to the next level. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to catch all of our upcoming events! 


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