The Preconstruction Team’s Complete Guide to Remote Work


Preconstruction teams tend to have a few folks out in the field occasionally, but that’s a lot different from developing and maintaining a fully remote team.

If you’re considering a switch to remote work, there’s a lot to think about.

Setting Expectations:

What are the guidelines for flex time and office hours when employees aren’t in the office?

What will meeting cadences be like now that teams are remote?

How will you track time and measure performance?

How should employees communicate with you and with each other?

Team Tools and Day-to-Day:

What should you look for in tools specifically geared toward working away from a central office?

How can your team collaborate on takeoffs and estimates?

How can you track what each team member is responsible for?

How can you keep your team engaged when you’re not physically together?


Download The Preconstruction Team’s Complete Guide to Remote Work to help you determine how your remote team will function.



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