What CTOs Need To Consider When Purchasing Construction Technology


Thanks to the great technology acceleration, construction is shifting toward adopting tech across our industry. The benefits of digital processes are plentiful, from increased collaboration and improved accuracy to more efficient workflows and increased profitability. Unfortunately, software fatigue is also emerging with this tech explosion. When construction teams are constantly required to learn and use many new applications, burnout, wasted time, and frustration ensues. 

How will you choose the best for your business with so many systems on the market? As a CTO, you’re likely looking to invest in software that is consolidated to avoid software fatigue, secure to protect your data, and reasonable to maintain with your resources. But what if the ‘less is more’ options aren’t best-in-class? Worse, if you choose best-in-class, what if they don’t integrate? 

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Talk to Your Team: Business Needs Come First

Where does your best research and development come from? Your people. Talk to your Estimators and Project Managers to understand the business needs and pain points when shopping for innovative construction technology. Your needs as a CTO don’t always align with your team who will be using these systems. They will gravitate toward best-in-class solutions that meet their needs to increase efficiency and accuracy and minimize risk. As a CTO, you will benefit from consolidated solutions that streamline processes and centralize data. But what happens when the consolidated solutions are… subpar? Striking the right balance here is critical. 

Why Less Is More Can Backfire with Construction Technology

Your goal is to have everything under one roof, but “good enough” systems are rarely good enough for your team. The problem with the behemoths in construction technology is that they’ve quickly acquired a lot of solutions but are oftentimes optimized for general contractor workflow and many subcontractors must compromise their internal processes in order to fit them. Finding industry-leading software that is built for your business is ideal. 

What To Look For When Purchasing Construction Technology

Your needs differ from smaller contractors, who can often get by with independent, disconnected systems and with fewer complex requirements regarding workflow and legal implications. But your teams may not be able to accept using giant platforms that don’t fit their processes.  

When improving your team’s workflow, the right tech tools make a big impact on your efficiency and profitability, but adoption across your crew is crucial for success. When researching solutions, look beyond the big guys for solutions that offer the right functionality for your teams as well as compliance with your needs. Once your team leads have identified options that will work for them, narrow down your selection by looking for: 

  –  Cloud-Based. Mobile, cloud-based technology allows your team to make quick decisions in real-time. The cloud is low maintenance, allows for faster integration of other tools, and provides you with data analytics and insights. 

  –  Open API. Integration is a MUST for business survival. STACK’s robust, open API is a compilation of programmatic functions software developers can use for extracting data from STACK. Integration with Dodge Data & Analytics and TopBuilder are a few examples of our best-in-class partners using the STACK API. Alternatively, STACK uses 1build cost data and Quickbooks Online’s API to move data into our platform. 

  –  Software partners or providers who will be involved for the long haul. Companies with a willingness to take feedback and suggestions and implement them are key. Investing back into the platform only makes a better product. STACK’s partnership with CentiMark Corporation is a perfect example of our commitment to creating successful business operations using our open API. 

  –  Data protection. Find solutions that are SOC 2 compliant, which requires companies to manage customer data based on security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. STACK is SOC 2 compliant and has transparent policies on how we maintain our systems. We already went through the rigorous processes to protect your data so you don’t have to do additional vetting! 

HOT TIP: Don’t have the internal resources to configure, maintain, and support integration? Find Systems Integrators and Tech Consultants like AVICADO or Ryvit who focus on construction to build it out for you!  

STACK Was Built For You

STACK was founded by a subcontractor, built by a subcontractor, and has the right capabilities for subcontractors. Help grow your business with technology that is built to make you more efficient, collaborative, and profitable. Book a demo today! 


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