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Time-consuming manual counts are a thing of the past when you use STACK’s cloud-based electrical estimating software. With simple electrical estimating and bidding tools in STACK, you can get item totals in seconds, and you can easily convert takeoffs to detailed estimates.

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Jump-Start Your Electrical Business

Looking for a way to give your electrical business a jolt? You’ll be “shocked” how much time STACK electrical takeoff and estimating software will save you. Many companies can complete their takeoffs three to four times faster.

One aspect of our free electrical estimating software that electricians love is STACK’s AutoCount feature. With a mouse click, STACK finds symbols on a set of digital plans, counts them and marks them. Use this feature to accurately estimate electrical outlets and other common electrical components.

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Reduced Manual Counts

STACK’s AutoCount feature quickly counts most plan symbols.

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Flexible Measurement Types

Adjust the takeoff type to determine area and linear measurements.

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Anytime, Anywhere Project Access

Easily refer to plan and takeoff details from the office or the field.


All-Inclusive Estimates

Incorporate labor, equipment, overage, profit margin, tax and more.

Are You Ready To Make The Switch To Our Electrical Takeoff & Estimating Software?

Complete your electrical takeoffs & estimates in a fraction of the time using STACK’s powerful software.  Counts are a breeze with the autocount feature which quickly and accurately finds symbols on your set of plans.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll also determine the lengths of wire you’ll need.

Want to see all that STACK’s free electrical estimating software can do?  Sign up for a demo of our free electrical estimating, quoting, and construction software and we’ll show you how easy STACK is to use and why other electrical contractors have already made the switch. 

Make the Switch to Our Electrical Takeoff and Estimating Software

Complete your electrical takeoffs and estimates in a fraction of the time using STACK’s powerful software. Counts are a breeze when you use our platform. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll also determine the lengths of wire you’ll need. STACK makes your takeoff process efficient without outdated software or hand calculations. Our platform comes with numerous beneficial features that will keep you on schedule and make all your jobs easier.

Increase Collaboration

Improve communication between your team members and external partners with STACK. When you use STACK electrical takeoff software, you can customize permission controls. Give your team full access to project documents or limit individuals to a view-only mode. You can always alter these permissions for future projects.

Working in the cloud allows you to collaborate in real-time. When plans change, your whole team can see the updated version in real time. 

Maximize Organization

STACK is a centralized hub for your estimates, schedules and plans. STACK takeoff software for electrical contractors has an easy-to-use interface in which you can use folder structures and drag-and-drop functionality to sort all your documents into convenient locations. STACK also has the AutoNaming tool, which will label all your documents the same way.

STACK’s tools including Plan Search are designed to keep you organized for optimal organization. You can also use Plan Overlay to view multiple versions of your documents at one time to see any changes made between them. Use the STACK organizational hub to ensure everyone works from the most updated, correct plans.

Work in the Cloud

Whether you work from home, at the job site or in an office, you can access STACK. You can provide real-time updates to your team. When you publish something new or make a change, the file automatically updates for everyone on your team, showing them the latest version. Team members and partners can stay updated on the project’s process and important changes with STACK.

Our cloud based electrical estimating software is easy to use, and ensures you are always able to access our electrical take off software.

Estimate Costs

Aside from the AutoCount tool, STACK has numerous estimation features to make your takeoffs easier and faster. Instead of calculating material or labor costs by hand, you can use STACK to increase accuracy and efficiency. Add labor, overhead, waste and other costs to STACK electrical estimating platform to complete your bid proposals.

Plus, you can customize items and assemblies to match your projects. Reuse the templates you create to shave time off all your future projects. STACK generates a branded proposal for you within the platform, allowing you to bid on more projects.

Try our free electrical estimating and bidding software today!

Powernet + STACK
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Powernet uses STACK to increase collaboration and significantly reduce takeoff time

“STACK has saved us 3-4 days of work on average per project by automating all the manual processes.”

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See why customers love working with STACK & how our software is helping them grow.

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STACK has changed the way we estimate and instantly generaltes accurate material lists for every projects!

Alan, Haskins Electric
Green Stars 1 1 1

A good value! STACK makes counting and estimating pretty mindless and easy. It has really helped our company get proposals turned around quickly.

Tripp, Herring Electrical Systems
Green Stars 1 1 1

Definitely worth the purchase! Overall, STACK has been excellecnt! Keep up the good work.

Mai, Innovative Electrical Services, Inc.

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When you use STACK, you can ensure accuracy with an easy-to-use product. Use our bidding software for electricians to streamline all your projects. You can access everything from the cloud using Windows, Mac and mobile devices.

Since we’re always working to improve STACK, we release free, regular updates for the platform. Our customer service teams offer support online or by phone. We can also provide training sessions for you and your team to get you up and running quickly.

Want to see all that STACK’s free electrical estimating software can do? Sign up for a free trial account, and we’ll show you how easy STACK is to use and why other electrical contractors have already made the switch. 

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