Masonry Construction and Project Management Software

Help all your masonry construction team members stay connected to critical jobs regardless of location. With STACK software, your crew can improve operational efficiency and increase production through real-time updates, custom workflows and centralized project management.

Improve Production on the Job Site and in Your Office

Open communication, careful planning and detailed tracking are essential components of every successful masonry wall or stonework project. Our cloud-based construction software improves performance by giving your team members the tools they need to make more informed decisions. In addition, you can create detailed logs that facilitate risk mitigation and reduce potential liabilities. 


Centralized Project Management

STACK software allows masonry companies to manage project issues, share photos and documents, create work schedules and allocate equipment within a single source of truth (SSOT).


Custom Workflows

Develop masonry workflows tailored to your specific needs and review them in the graphic format of your choice.

Responsive Mobile App

STACK's straightforward app lets you view, mark up and share project modifications in real time.

Intelligent Daily Reports

Generate insightful analysis containing project observations, weather forecasts, requests for information (RFIs), potential delays and more.


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Customer Spotlight

Discover How Pomerleau Improves Operations With the STACK App

As one of Canada’s largest contracting companies, Pomerleau historically used paper plans for project management, preventing team members from accessing up-to-date information on the job site. Upon implementing STACK, the Pomerleau team quickly realized the many production benefits of our mobile solution, from increased communication to improved accessibility.


Additional Benefits of STACK's Masonry Construction Software


Effortless Collaboration

With STACK, your team can communicate more efficiently and productively. Our masonry wall construction software lets you view project changes, perform plan markups and create instant reports in real time.

Document Organization

Organizing your company’s critical documents is quick and easy with STACK. Our platform offers an SSOT where you can store photos, analyze data and export information whenever needed.

Risk Mitigation

Keeping detailed records of who made project changes and why they happened can save you significant time and money in the event of litigation. Using STACK provides a clear audit trail of everything at your work site.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Because STACK is cloud-based, you can access it anywhere. Your team members can utilize the platform on any smart device, even in areas without Wi-Fi.

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