How STACK Supports Gen X Contracting’s High-Margin Boutique Service

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Gen X is a concrete contractor providing residential, commercial, and renovation services in Arkansas. For Joe Thompson, President, it’s important to remain a boutique business. With a background at a large GC, Joe is not interested in performing low-margin, high-volume work anymore. In starting Gen X, his goal was to provide exceptional service and to win work not necessarily on price but on value.

“Our customers see what we offer from a service standpoint and our value becomes evident to them. We are there to be a partner and provide a superior product to our competition,” says Joe.

Joe started out with a manual takeoff process. He evaluated several software options, but none were what he needed: he felt he was doing better by hand. Then he found STACK. The platform was easy to learn, and with items and assemblies, takeoff time was cut in half and proficiency and profitability significantly increased.

Success with STACK


Takeoff time cut in half

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Increased accuracy & proficiency

ICON Proposals 300

Bid submissions doubled

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Higher margins supported

“Without STACK I couldn’t bid the number of jobs that I bid with the margin I have. I would have to drop my margin in order to win as many jobs as I win with STACK.”
Joe Thompson
President, Gen X Contracting

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