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Simplify Your Masonry Bid Process

Looking for a better way to create masonry estimates? Maybe you want to save time or perhaps you want to avoid making another costly mistake. Whatever pain you need to alleviate, STACK takeoff and estimating software can help. Ready to start accurately measuring digital plans in a fraction of the time you’re spending now?

With STACK’s dedicated training & support, you’ll be an expert in no time! And if you ever have questions along the way, our Customer Success team is readily available via online chat, email or phone to guide you in the right direction.

Quantity Takeoff

Lightning Fast Takeoff

Confidently measure plans and quantify project materials in less time.

Simplify Complex Calculations

Precise Measurements for What You Need

Quickly exclude windows and doors with our easy-to-use cut-out tool.

PreBuilt Materials Database

Custom Masonry Assemblies

Customize materials, incorporate waste and include productivity.

No Cost

Crew Labor Costs

Easily calculate crew labor and account for manpower costs in your estimates.

Accurately Determine Masonry Materials

STACK masonry estimating software calculates the correct quantities of block, brick, CMU, rebar, mortar and all other materials you’ll need to complete the job. Utilize an extensive library of masonry materials and incorporate custom assemblies to complete your estimates fast!

Since STACK is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access it anytime, from anywhere. Sign up for a free STACK account and start creating fast and accurate masonry estimates & takeoffs.

Trusted by masonry contractors large and small.

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