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Bid more projects, in less time with greater accuracy to stay ahead of your competition. STACK MEP takeoff and estimating software is easy-to-use, cloud-based for ultimate flexibility and completely customizable to your mechanical, electrical, HVAC or plumbing business.

With STACK online takeoff and estimating software, you’ll reduce the time you spend doing takeoffs by 75% or more, giving you more time to focus on running your team and growing your business. Start winning more profitable work today!

Looking for an easy way to grow your mechanical business? STACK’s free mechanical takeoff & estimating software can help you do just that! You’ll save time by performing your mechanical takeoffs 3-4 times faster. Utilize this extra time to submit 3-4 times as many bid proposals and win more work!

Never used mechanical takeoff & estimating software before? Not a problem! Take a look at our customer testimonials and you’ll see that STACK is extremely easy-to-learn. You’ll also enjoy unlimited training and support and access by in-app chat, phone or email to STACK’s customer support team.

Get a leg up on your competition! Create a free mechanical takeoff & estimating account to grow your business and start winning more profitable work.

Searching for a way to give your electrical business a jolt? Create a STACK account and give our free electrical estimating software a try! You’ll be “shocked” how much time you’ll save over performing electrical takeoffs by hand (Hint: It’s not uncommon to complete your takeoffs 3-4 times faster or even quicker). Use the extra time you’ll gain to complete more electrical estimates, submit additional bid proposals and win more work!

One aspect of our free electrical takeoff and estimating software that electricians love is STACK’s autocount feature. Simply find a symbol on a set of digital plans that you want to count and the software will automatically find them all, count them and mark them on the plans. Use this feature to quickly and accurately count electrical outlets and other common electrical components.

Why not give STACK’s free electrical estimating software a try? You’ll discover how easy STACK is to use and why other electrical contractors have already made the switch. Our customer support team is here to help you get up and using the software fast and answer any questions you have along the way.

STACK’s free plumbing takeoff & estimating software is the perfect additional for commercial plumbers that receive digital blueprints. With the click of the mouse, the software’s autocount feature will automatically find and count all the toilets, sinks and other common plumbing fixtures denoted on your blueprints.

You’ll save a massive amount of time and improve your estimating accuracy when using our free plumbing takeoff & estimating software. Plumbing estimators and company owners will appreciate STACK’s easy-to-learn software as well as the unlimited free training and support all premium subscribers receive. Our world-class customer support team is on-call via online chat, phone and email to help you get started, answer any questions you may have and teach you how to get the most out of the software.

See for yourself why plumbing companies across the globe are utilizing STACK to bid and win more profitable work and grow their revenues. Create a STACK account and give our free plumbing software a try!

Are performing takeoffs, preparing estimating and submitting bid proposals taking you forever and a day? Have no fear, STACK is here to help! Our free HVAC takeoff & estimating software will speed up the entire process, making it 3-4 times faster than before and giving you hours back on the clock. You’ll have additional time to bid on additional jobs and win more work!

STACK’s HVAC estimating software features our proprietary autocount function which quickly & accurately counts common HVAC symbols on your digital plans. Use autocount to count all the duct hangers and other HVAC items you’ll need.

Don’t delay… create a STACK account today and give our free HVAC takeoff and estimating software a try. You’ll save time, increase accuracy and start winning more profitable work!

Auto Count

Reduced Manual Counts

STACK’s autocount feature quickly counts most plan symbols.

Simplify Complex Calculations

Flexible Measurement Types

Adjust the takeoff type to determine area and linear measurements.

stack any device

Anytime, Anywhere Project Access

Easily refer to plan and takeoff details from the office or the field.

No Cost

All-Inclusive Estimates

Incorporate labor, equipment, overage, profit margin, tax and more.

MEP Estimating Software: Simplicity and Accuracy You Can Count On

Let STACK search your plans for the symbols used to designate electrical outlets, sinks, toilets and nearly anything else you need to count. Utilize a variety of pre-built items and assemblies or easily add your custom database to accurately determine quantities.

STACK MEP estimating software also works great to calculate lengths of plumbing runs, air ducts and wiring lengths as well as quantities of duct hangers, plumbing fittings and more. Sign up for a free STACK account today!


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