The Foundation of Your Project

Are you still performing paving takeoffs by hand?  Using Excel or outdated software to estimate and bid paving jobs? Upgrade your processes with STACK paving estimating and takeoff software!  You’ll perform takeoffs 3-4 times faster and create accurate paving estimates so that you stop over-bidding and under-bidding jobs. 

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Speed Up Your Paving Takeoffs & Estimating

With STACK asphalt estimating software, you will easily include all your costs such as tons of asphalt, labor hours and heavy equipment costs to create accurate estimates. Since STACK is cloud-based, you can access your plans in the office, at home, and even on the jobsite.

Measure L

Flexible Measurement Types

Adjust the takeoff type to account for poundage, linear feet or cubic yards.

Rebar L

Easy Rebar Calculation

Account for rebar as you measure. No need to manually calculate ever again!


Integrated Labor Costs

Whether excavating or finishing, account for labor as you measure.

Concrete L

Pre-built & Custom Materials

Leverage a library of pre-built concrete items or add your own custom materials with ease.

Paving estimating and bidding made easy

No matter if you’re paving large parking lots or working on smaller jobs, you’ll save time, increase accuracy and win more profitable work with STACK paving software. No other paving estimating and takeoff software can compare when it comes to ease-of-use and the impact it will have on your business!

Share project details with your team in the office or in the field with STACK’s collaboration tools. Confirming job details, adding notations for others to see, marking change details and more are all easily accomplished within STACK. Schedule a demo today to see how STACK can help you win more profitable work!

T-Rock Construction
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T-Rock Construction Bids More Jobs in Less Time and Lands More Work

“Before STACK, it would take me double the time to complete a takeoff.”

When you win, we do too

See why customers love working with STACK & how our software is helping them grow.

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I use the software every day and it makes my life so much easier when doing takeoffs.

Bill, Distinctive Concrete Concepts
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What I find the most impressive is that STACK is working to improve their product, which is huge. If you're not improving, you're becoming obsolete. Good job, keep it up!

Boone, Innovative Concrete LLC
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Very satisfied with the product and support! Best takeoff and estimating software i have used for concrete construction, easy to understand and use. The addition of hyperlinks made my job easier and faster.

Dan, JJ Fisher Construction
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