Win more profitable work with STACK's paving estimating software.

Still performing paving takeoffs by hand? Using Excel or outdated software to estimate and bid paving jobs? With STACK, you’ll perform takeoffs 3x faster and create accurate paving estimates so that you stop over-bidding and under-bidding jobs.

Save time and increase accuracy with cloud-based estimating software.

With STACK’s paving and asphalt estimating software, you can easily include all your costs such as tons of asphalt, labor hours and heavy equipment costs to create accurate estimates. Add notations, make changes and share project details with your team in the office or in the field with STACK’s collaboration tools.

Paving Lockup Precon

Flexible Measurement Types

Adjust takeoff type to account for poundage, linear feet or cubic yards.


Measure Complex Areas

No two projects are alike. Accurately determine material quantities for curved areas with our Arc tool.


Integrated Labor Costs

Whether excavating or finishing, account for labor as you measure.

Pre-built & Custom Materials

Leverage a library of pre-built items or add your own custom materials with ease.


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