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Send manual measurements and counts down the drain with STACK’s plumbing estimating and takeoff software. Get item totals in seconds with autocount, easily measure lengths, and transfer all that data to a detailed estimate.

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Fast & Accurate Plumbing Takeoffs

You’ll save a massive amount of time and improve your accuracy when using STACK’s estimating software. Use any of our unique tools to help you complete your takeoffs quickly.

Plumbing estimators will appreciate STACK’s easy-to-learn software and the free training and support all subscribers receive. See for yourself why plumbing companies across the globe are utilizing STACK to bid and win more profitable work and grow their revenues.

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Reduced Manual Counts

STACK’s autocount feature quickly counts most plan symbols.

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Flexible Measurement Types

Adjust the takeoff type to determine area and linear measurements.

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Anytime, Anywhere Project Access

Easily refer to plan and takeoff details from the office or the field.


All-Inclusive Estimates

Incorporate labor, equipment, overage, profit margin, tax and more.

Count on STACK Plumbing Estimating Software to Do Your Counts

Are you tired of manually counting plumbing fixtures on a set of plans? Let STACK quickly and accurately count for you! STACK plumbing software can search your documents for symbols used to designate sinks, toilets and anything else. 

With STACK, it’s easy to measure lengths of plumbing runs and determine quantities of fittings and everything else you need.

4 Features of STACK Takeoff Software for Plumbers

Using STACK at your plumbing business will improve your workday beyond the takeoff process because our estimating software for plumbing comes with several benefits that increase your productivity.

1. Estimate Materials and Labor Costs

Make accurate material and cost estimates for your plumbing jobs with STACK. Using our specialized features like AutoCount and more, you can eliminate hand-calculated errors. Create you own items and assemblies, then reuse those them in the future to save time. Our program is also built to help you factor in labor, overhead and waste costs.

If you need to create a proposal, STACK will generate one using all the information you’ve determined in your estimate. Plus, incorporate your logo and other branded materials to create a polished proposal.

2.Work Together in the Cloud

Work from anywhere using STACK cloud-based plumbing estimating software. Whether you want to work from home, at your office or in the field, you can access STACK anywhere. With the ability to work from any location, you can update your documents as you work. Your team sees all changes in real-time, allowing everyone to stay on the same page. Use STACK to increase accessibility for all of your project documents.

3. Collaborate With Coworkers

Ramp up communication between your team and partners using STACK. With our specialized plumbing takeoff software, you can work together from any location. Use permission controls to grant different access levels to project documents.

Since work is done via the web, your entire team can see your activity. Give everyone schedule or project updates from your office that they can see at the job site. Keeping your teams and partners in the loop will increase efficiency, especially if you use our special tools, like Plan Markup.

4. Organize Project Estimates and Plans

STACK is the ultimate platform to store plans, takeoffs, estimates, and proposals. Our plumbing estimating software has a user-friendly interface that makes document organizing simple. Use cascading folder structures and drag and drop features to keep all of your plans in order. For any documents you create or upload, STACK uses an AutoNaming tool to quickly label plans and plan pages.

We’ve also included tools like Plan Search, which you can use to find even the smallest details. STACK has Plan Overlay to show you new and old versions of your project plans simultaneously, making it easy to spot plan changes. Make STACK part of your takeoff process to create a central hub where everyone works off the same documents.

Five Seasons Mechanical
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Meet James Andrews, Senior Estimator, at 5 Seasons Mechanical

“It’s amazing how much quicker it is to a takeoff using STACK compared to the old-fashioned way.”

When you win, we do too

See why customers love working with STACK plumbing estimating and takeoff software & how it is helping them grow.

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STACK is a functional & easy to use takeoff tool. I use STACK for commercial plumbing estimating & have foudn it to be a great way to reduce errors when I am taking off fittings, fixture or pipe.

Jay, J Hart Plumbing
Green Stars 1 1 1

Great, easy product to use. We have been using STACK for quite a while now. They keep updating the product to make it easier to use.

Jeff, Kandefer Plumbing
Green Stars 1 1 1

STACK can be used anywhere and has no problems keeping up with me as I zip through a takeoff. Every takeoff can be customized with many different count and measurement options allowing me to get as detailed as I want.

Lane, EK Plumbing, Inc.

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Incorporating STACK into your plumbing business helps ensure accuracy and productivity. Use our estimating software for plumbing today to see all the unique features that simplify your takeoff process. Since STACK is cloud-based, you can use it anywhere you have a Windows, Mac or mobile device with internet access.

Aside from our consistent, free customer service and training, we continuously work to improve the platform. We release regular updates, free of charge, to all our subscribed customers.

Get a free account today and let us show you how STACK plumbing software can help you bid and win more work and grow your business!

Aside from our consistent, free customer service and training, we continuously work to improve the platform. We release regular updates, free of charge, to all our subscribed customers.

Get a free trial account today to try out all of our advantages. Let us show you how STACK plumbing software can help you bid and win more work and grow your business!

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