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Fast & Accurate Plumbing Takeoffs

You’ll save a massive amount of time and improve your estimating accuracy when using STACK’s free plumbing takeoff & estimating software. Utilize the autocount feature to automatically find and count all the toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures denoted on your blueprints.

Plumbing estimators and company owners will appreciate STACK’s easy-to-learn software as well as the unlimited free training and support all premium subscribers receive.  See for yourself why plumbing companies across the globe are utilizing STACK to bid and win more profitable work and grow their revenues.

Auto Count

Reduced Manual Counts

STACK’s autocount feature quickly counts most plan symbols.

Simplify Complex Calculations

Flexible Measurement Types

Adjust the takeoff type to determine area and linear measurements.

stack any device

Anytime, Anywhere Project Access

Easily refer to plan and takeoff details from the office or the field.

No Cost

All-Inclusive Estimates

Incorporate labor, equipment, overage, profit margin, tax and more.

Count on STACK to Do Your Counts

Are you tired of manually counting plumbing fixtures on a set of plans?  Let STACK quickly and accurately count for you!  STACK will search your plans for symbols used to designate sinks, toilets and everything else you need to count. 

With STACK, it’s easy to measure your digital plans to calculate lengths of plumbing runs and determine quantities plumbing fittings and everything else you need. Get a demo today and let us show you how STACK can help you bid and win more workgrow your business!


Meet James Andrews, Senior Estimator, at 5 Seasons Mechanical

“It’s amazing how much quicker it is to a takeoff using STACK compared to the old-fashioned way.”

Five Seasons Mechanical
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