The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Bidding, and Building Your Best Concrete & Masonry Projects

Concrete and masonry work is always changing – from fluctuating material prices to supply chain delays to labor shortages and more, there’s no lack of challenges in this industry. So it’s important to have a clear strategy for bringing in more work and more profits. This guide will help you bid faster, win more work, and build smarter. You’ll get insights into:

Finding projects and managing bids
Improving takeoffs and estimates
Connecting the office and crew
Managing issues and workflows

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I've tried a few estimating solutions and STACK is the most intuitive and easiest to use. The cloud storage is fantastic when I am not in the office and I need to review or edit a project. I am not always tied to my desk so this is a huge benefit!


In the old days we would go to a plan center to do our takeoffs or check out plans overnight. Now we just upload to STACK. Takeoffs couldn’t be easier! We just set up the takeoff and point and click the walls on the plans and that’s it – all from an office desktop or even on a jobsite laptop.


As a small business owner, I was out in the field quite a bit, but now that I can bid more work faster, I can dedicate more time in the office and hire more people to take my place in the field and grow my business. In the time it would take me to bid a small job by hand, I can bid jobs that are 5 times that size in half the time with STACK! So now my focus is to go after and bid those bigger, more profitable jobs.

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Bidding, and Building Your Best Concrete & Masonry Projects

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