Free Construction Takeoff Software

Free Takeoff Software

STACK is the fastest growing construction takeoff and construction cost estimating software with thousands of users and hundreds of five-star reviews.  Known for its easy-to-use interface, complimentary training and support and a robust free version, STACK has helped many contractors speed up their takeoff process significantly.  With STACK, contractors can:

     • Achieve up to 10 times faster takeoffs

     • Increase estimating accuracy

     • Bid & win more profitable work

Types of Construction Takeoff Software

When it comes to construction takeoff software, there are many options to choose from.  At a base-level though, you first need to select if you want a desktop-based or cloud-based solution.  Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these options…

Desktop Takeoff Software

Desktop takeoff software is downloaded and runs on your computer. Software companies typically require an up-front, one-time payment for the software plus an annual support and training charge. 

The downsides to desktop takeoff software are significant! First, you can only use the software on the computer that you downloaded it to.  For example, if the computer you downloaded it to is at work, you will not be able to use the software at home, while traveling or on the jobsite.  You will also not be able to collaborate with team members at other locations or in the field.  Second, the software won’t be updated in a timely manner or maybe not at all.  You’ll also have to update the software yourself by downloading new software updates and applying patches if they become available.

Cloud Takeoff Software

With cloud takeoff software, there’s nothing to download.  After signing up, you simply login to the software using your internet browser. Pricing is typically an annual charge and some companies also have an additional charge for training and support.

The upside to using a cloud-based takeoff software solution are that you can access it from any internet-connected device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone).  You won’t be tied to one computer and can access it virtually anywhere.  Team collaboration is also easy with this type of software.  Those in the field can pull up plans to check on what’s needed and to see if there are any notes or callouts they should be aware of. 

Cloud-based takeoff software can also be updated frequently without any interaction from the user.  For example, STACK has weekly software updates and rolls out new features frequently, ensuring users always have the “latest and greatest” software version.

Finally, cloud-based software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems. Since you access the software through your internet browser, you also don’t have to worry about minimum requirements like desktop software.

Is Construction Takeoff Software Easy-To-Use?

If you’re coming from a manual takeoff process and have never used takeoff software, you’re probably wondering if it’s difficult to use.  The truth is that some takeoff software is simply outdated and shouldn’t be on the market anymore.  Other software options are plagued by confusing interfaces, are not user-friendly, or don’t offer the features you need. No matter what option you go with, you should dedicate some time learning how to use it.

We hear from STACK users all the time that our software is one of the easiest takeoff and estimating software options available.  In independent reviews, ease-of-use and fantastic training and support are two of the things most often mentioned about STACK.

Unfortunately, some providers make you pay a hefty fee for a one-time training session with them.  And if you have questions or need help along the way, you have to pay more to get support. 

At STACK, we offer free, customized training and dedicated support for all premium customers.  Plus, when you need help, STACK offers free support via in-app chat, email and phone.

Trades That Use Takeoff Software

Construction takeoff software is used by just about every trade that works off of blueprints.  The one thing that is required is that you receive blueprints digitally as you’ll have to upload those into your takeoff software program.

Typically, contractors working on commercial projects will be the ones receiving digital blueprints but some residential contractors may also get them.  STACK works with just about all trades including concrete, masonry, roofing, interior finishes, home builders, MEP, landscaping, structural steel and other specialty trades.  In addition, we also work with general contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.

Key Features of STACK Takeoff Software

STACK offers a whole lot more than just takeoff.  It’s an all-in-one solution for a better preconstruction process! In addition to a robust takeoff solution, a few key STACK features include:

     • Plan, Spec & Document Management – Keep project details and supporting documents organized.

     • Team Collaboration & Connectivity – Use robust markup, callout, sharing and invitation features to keep your team aligned.

     • Flexible Project Reporting & Analytics – Build material lists, generate reports & finalize project estimates with ease.

     • Go Quickly From Takeoff To Estimate – Finalize your estimates and create a proposal.

     • Plus Much More – Free training and support, plan search, plan page autonaming, pre-built materials database and assemblies database and more.

Give STACK takeoff software a try by creating a free account. You’ll see how easy it is to perform digital takeoffs, create detailed estimates and submit professional bid proposals. Additionally, you’ll have access to our world-class customer support team who are standing by, ready
to help you get the maximum benefits from using STACK cost estimating software.


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