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While STACK’s software is the top cloud-based preconstruction platform, giving you the best in speed and accuracy for takeoffs and estimating, we don’t stop there. Consider STACK a partner in your success – helping you develop the strategies you need for ongoing business growth.

We’ve been hard at work this year creating content to help you identify and build on your strengths so you can take your business to the next level. In case you missed them, here are our top 10 articles you can use as you plan for next year.

In this article, we dive into inaccuracies that can arise due to both over- and underbidding, how accurate bids play into creating positive relationships with general contractors, and how having accurate estimates frees up your time. Then we cover 5 ways to improve accuracy in your estimating process.

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How do you make your bid stand out from all the rest a GC receives? Check out this article for 8 best practices you can implement to start winning more work. You’ll see why sometimes it’s best not to bid on a job, why you should set due dates for yourself in advance of the bid deadline, and more.

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Imagine what you could do with the time you currently spend searching for documents and information in the clutter of your inbox or desktop. Now is the time to take control of your document organization! Whether you’re back in the office or still working from home, see how cloud storage can make a big difference, with a little planning for file structure, naming, and classification.

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Knowing where to look to find jobs up for bid can be a challenge, especially if you’re moving into commercial work from residential construction where you’re used to word of mouth from homeowners. Networking is still a major part of commercial construction, but there are also great tools out there you can use to seek out RFPs. Find out the best options and how to move forward after you’ve identified projects to bid on.

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Promoting your business has never been more important. We’ve created a guide to get you started using Google Ads to market your company online. From choosing keywords and location targeting to types of ads and determining your budget, you’ll find everything you need here to get your online advertising program up and running for the new year.

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Having historical data on which to base your future estimates and planning can be the one thing that catapults your business to new levels of success. But how do you get the data you need? We recommend a tool to start data collection in the field, show you what to track, how to analyze your data, and how to find the time to conduct those all-important project reviews.

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Do you use a customer relationship management platform to track prospects and sales tasks? If so, you can use STACK’s open API to seamlessly integrate the two tools. This means easy access to all of your preconstruction data so you can get insight into assignments and deadlines, improve forecasting, proactively predict challenges, and more. Find out how an integration like this can give you a competitive edge.

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When contractors are ready to grow, they’re often held back by a lack of time and money. Outdated processes and lack of communication can leave you pressed for time, and slow payment cycles make financing larger projects more difficult. We show you two solutions for adding time to your day and money to the bank so you can make more strategic decisions and be ready to add those larger projects to your pipeline.

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Planning ahead for future projects is essential for running a successful business, but if you’ve exhausted all your usual tools, it can be tough to think of other ways to find work. We cover 5 new ways you can get ahead of projects and fill your pipeline, from getting involved during the design stage to looking for single-trade projects and more.

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In this extensive article, we’ve covered 9 actionable steps you can take to increase your bottom line. You’ll see how carving out a niche for your company means you can recognize exactly which jobs you should go after, how diversification can help you grow, how relationships make all the difference (and not just with GCs), and so much more.

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