The Premier Flooring Takeoff & Estimating Software

Use STACK’s flooring estimator software to perform fast, accurate cloud-based takeoffs and estimates. You can apply a pre-built library of materials or add your own custom flooring supplies to your estimates and account for labor, waste, and other costs with our flooring takeoff software.

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Lightning-Fast Flooring Takeoffs & Estimates

No matter if you install wood, tile, vinyl, stone, laminate, linoleum, cork, or carpet flooring, STACK flooring takeoff & estimating software can help you speed up your time-consuming takeoffs and increase your estimating accuracy!

Flooring contractors appreciate STACK’s easy-to-use flooring estimating & takeoff interface to determine material quantities needed to bid on a job., and our floor measuring software makes the job quick and easy!

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Fast & Accurate Takeoff

Quickly complete area and surface area flooring measurements for fast, accurate takeoffs.

Measure L

Always Accurate Measurements

Measure floors and easily exclude sections where needed.


Integrated Labor Costs

Leverage flooring assemblies to add crew labor to your estimate as you measure.

Concrete L

Pre-built & Custom Materials

Leverage a library of flooring supplies or add your own custom materials.

Flooring Estimates Made Easy

Tired of measuring plans “the old-fashioned way”?  Still using out-dated desktop estimating software?  Give STACK’s award-winning, modern, cloud-based flooring takeoff & estimating software a try and you’ll never go back your old way of bidding!

Flooring contractors utilize STACK to quickly and accurately calculate materials, labor, overhead and profit margin to finish flooring estimates.  Use STACK’s pre-built flooring database or create your own custom assemblies.  Say goodbye to your scale ruler, digitizer, and old software and start growing your business with STACK flooring takeoff software!

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Omega Floors Performs Takeoffs 75% Faster with STACK

“STACK sped things up tremendously for us! I can’t imagine doing takeoffs without STACK!”​

4 Features of STACK Commercial Flooring Takeoff Software

1. Advanced Estimation in a Simple Form

When you use STACK for material quantity and cost estimation, you can eliminate hand-calculated errors. Enter the materials and take measurements right from the software. The AutoCount performs calculations quickly to help you determine the quantities and costs of the items you need for a particular job. STACK can also help you calculate labor and overhead costs.

You can create items and assemblies lists using our templates or make your own for a highly tailored experience. If you choose to create your own templates, you can reuse them for future projects to shave time off the takeoff process. STACK can also create a proposal for you using branded materials, such as your logo.

2. Enhanced Communication Across Teams

Easily communicate project updates and call out details to your team using STACK. Assign different levels of access to each member of your crew. Allow a team member to make edits or keep them in View Only mode, depending on each individual’s role in the project. Plus, you can communicate about the project plan, schedule and overall estimates. Use the Plan Markup tool to call out an important detail and keep everyone up-to-date and on schedule with STACK.

3. Quick Work From the Cloud

One benefit of cloud-based software is that you can use it anywhere you go. Access it at your desk, on the job site or anywhere else you may find yourself. STACK makes it simple and efficient to update your project as you work through it. When you make changes, the document will automatically change for everyone on your team. What’s more, you can work on your projects from any device that connects to Wi-Fi, including your smartphone.

4. Organized Plans, Documents and Other Files

Our estimating software for flooring is the ultimate organizational tool because it centralizes everything in one location. Upload existing documents or create them right in STACK, and our platform will store everything in a logical, consistent order. The flooring takeoff software has an AutoNaming tool that will name all the pages you input or create using the same convention. We have also included a Plan Search feature to help you find details easily.

STACK has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to help you build out a folder structure that meets your needs. Compare multiple versions of your project plans at the same time with Plan Overlay. STACK allows you to find everything you need, so you don’t have to search through piles of paper or confusing document storage on your computer.

When you win, we do too

See why customers love working with STACK & how our software is helping them grow.

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STACK has made our job 10,000 times easier. It is perfect for communicating different selections for tile and flooring. So incredibly easy to use and has saved the company a tremendous amount of time.

Christine, The Wood Floor Company
Green Stars 1 1 1

I can stay in one platform without exporting to Excel, and I’m able to do twice as many estimates as I did before. I really appreciate how much STACK has improved my workflow.

Warren, Crossman Flooring
Green Stars 1 1 1

STACK is awesome! It's easy to use and saves me time. Much more user friendly than Adobe which is what i was using before. Customer service is great. Stack updates regularly and adds new features to keep up with industry standards.

Owner, Metro Flooring

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