Make Insulation Estimating and Takeoffs Easy

STACK’s top-notch insulation estimating software enables you to perform fast, accurate takeoffs and generate detailed estimates for each project. Switch to cloud-based takeoffs and see how much time you can save.

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Quick Material & Cost Estimating for Insulation Contractors

No matter if you install fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose or spray polyurethane foam insulation, using STACK insulation estimating software will greatly speed up your takeoff and estimating.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be able to accurately measure plans to determine material quantities. Plus, easily add in labor, material costs, overhead, profit and more to create your complete estimate.

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Fast & Accurate Takeoff

Quickly complete linear, area and surface area measurements for fast, accurate takeoffs.

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Always Accurate Measurements

Measure walls, floors, and ceilings while easily excluding hallways, doors & windows.


Integrated Labor Costs

Leverage assemblies to add crew labor to your estimate as you measure.

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Pre-built & Custom Materials

Leverage a library of insulation supplies or add your own custom materials.

Easy-To-Use Insulation Estimation Software

Let’s get real.  Measuring paper blueprints by hand is the worst!  It takes a ton of time and it’s easy to make a measurement or calculation mistake.  Put away your scale ruler, measuring wheel and calculator and start increasing time and saving time & money with STACK insulation estimating software!

Insulation contractors use STACK to quickly and accurately calculate materials, labor, overhead, profit and more.  Use STACK’s pre-built insulation database or create your own custom assemblies. Schedule a one-on-one demo today and see for yourself how STACK insulation bidding and estimating software can help grow your business!

4 Perks of STACK Takeoff Software for Insulation

1. Organize Your Projects Quickly

STACK is the organizational hub you need for your next insulation project. Use the AutoNaming tool to keep all your project plans under the same naming conventions. STACK has other organizing features, including Plan Search, which helps you look through all the details of your documents.

We designed the platform to be user-friendly with drag-and-drop features. You can also create customized folder structures for each of your jobs to help keep everything in alignment. Use the Plan Overlay feature to identify differences between original and new versions of project plans, too.

2. Estimate Costs and Materials Easily

Remove the risk of hand-calculated errors with STACK. The AutoCount tool helps you determine the number of materials you will need to complete a specific project. You can input numbers, take measurements and complete calculations inside the STACK software while also accounting for labor, overhead and other costs using the insulation estimate software.

Use templates to create items and assemblies lists or make your own. You can reuse any templates you create for future projects, too, helping you save time. If you need to write a proposal, STACK can help you create one using your personalized branding materials.

3. Collaborate With Everyone on Your Team

You can work with anyone in your company using STACK, communicating with leaders, people on the job site and external partners. Control who can see, access or edit various documents with STACK permission tools, and collaborate with team members on schedules, estimates and more documents via this accessible platform.

You can also draw attention to details using the Plan Markup tool, keeping everyone up to date on all your projects.

4. Complete Everything on the Cloud

Access STACK from wherever your projects take you. You can work from home, in an office or on a job site with our cloud-based software. One perk of using it wherever you go is that you can meet demands right away. Update your team with changes, progress updates and more right on the spot.

Nationwide Paint Co. using STACK
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Nationwide Paint Co. Increases Bid Volume 500% with STACK

Prior to STACK, Nationwide Paint Co. only had time to bid on 3 jobs per week. Using STACK has made their bid process 5 times faster, allowing them to bid on up to 15 jobs per week.

When you win, we do too

See why customers love working with STACK & how our software is helping them grow.

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STACK makes it easy for me to get estimates for 3 or 4 different installations done at the same time. It saves me at least 12 hours every week!

Geraldo, Level 5 Drywall Inc.
Green Stars 1 1 1

As a manager of multiple estimators, this program allows me to track progress and ensure the accuracy of every project. Because STACK is cloud-based, I can see when a job is completed from my home or office. Without a doubt, this is the software your business needs!

Kevin, Preferred Insulation
Green Stars 1 1 1

We really like STACK for our insulation and specialties subcontracting company. Quick and easy to use! Integrates with Google Drive for uploading plans. Love that it can be used from anywhere.

Tim, The Hayes Company

Try Using STACK Insulation Takeoff Software Today

Do you want to try out STACK without the pressure of committing right away? Get started by creating a free account today. Since STACK is cloud-based, you and your entire team can work on it from any Mac, Windows or mobile device.

Working with a new platform means you might need help, so we offer complimentary customer support for anyone who needs it. All STACK software updates happen automatically and don’t come with additional charges. We can also help train your teams on how to use our insulation takeoff software.

Create a free account today to take advantage of STACK for your insulation projects.

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