Construction Software for Painting Contractors

Connect your crew, whether in office or onsite. From real-time plan viewing to workforce and equipment planning and beyond, STACK enables painters to improve productivity and communication. 

Increase Productivity in the Office and on the Job Site.

Collaboration, planning, and tracking are essential for any successful paint job. STACK’s 100% cloud-based construction technology facilitates informed decision making, thorough preparation for every step of the job, and risk mitigation with detailed recordkeeping, on any device.  


Centralized Project Management

Access documents and photos, allocate equipment and materials, identify obstacles and develop employee schedules within a single source of truth (SSOT).


Custom Workflows

Develop customized project workflows of any complexity and review them using multiple layouts and graphics.

Intelligent Daily Reports

Automatically initiate requests for information (RFIs), document observations, view weather forecasts and recognize potential delays.

Responsive Mobile App

Pan, zoom and markup tools in our SmartUse app allow you to quickly initiate project updates from any location, even without Wi-Fi.


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Feature Spotlight

See how STACK is foundational for super subcontractor Demotik.

STACK is the hub for field crew, office crew, and clients for Demotik, allowing for simple daily reports from the jobsite, streamlined workflows, and scalability.


More Benefits of STACK's Painting Construction Software


Document Organization

STACK makes organizing documents for your painting projects easy. Our software provides an SSOT that allows you to store all your critical data, conduct project analysis and export information when needed.

Effortless Collaboration

Our software increases communication among your painting crew, allowing team members to view real-time changes, resolve potential issues, create daily reports and more.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Your entire painting crew can access our cloud-based platform anywhere, whether at home, on-site or in the office, with or without the internet.

Risk Mitigation

STACK lets painting contractors maintain a detailed audit trail of all events during a project, helping minimize liability and providing documentation in case of litigation.

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See How STACK Is Foundational for Demotik in the Field

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Customer Stories

See How Demotik Achieved 50-75% Better Productivity and 30-40% Win Rates with STACK

Video Transcript Fahd Abouabsi (Managing Director and Founder, Demotik): Wow, where do I begin? STACK has saved us a ton ...
Customer Stories

How STACK Opened Up a New Niche Market for Gen X Contracting

Gen X Contracting began as a commercial and residential concrete company and has since expanded to offer wood framing services ...

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