Simplified Paint Estimating & Takeoffs for Contractors

If estimating paint, rollers, drop cloths, and other materials takes you almost as long as doing the job itself, STACK is the solution you’ve been looking for. Use our painting takeoff and estimating software to simplify your bidding process. Try the best painting contractor estimating and takeoff software today!

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Fast & Accurate Bidding for Painting Contractors

Painting contractors can quickly measure plans and determine material quantities using STACK painting estimating & takeoff software. Utilize STACK’s painting assemblies to accurately add materials and labor costs to easily complete your painting estimates. Use STACK painting estimating and takeoff software to increase speed, improve accuracy and streamline your paint bidding process. 

Our paint estimating program is the best estimating software for painting contractors. You can try our free painting estimating and takeoff software online today!

Fast L

Fast & Accurate Takeoff

Quickly complete area and surface area measurements for fast, accurate takeoffs.

Measure L

Always Accurate Measurements

Measure walls and ceilings while easily excluding hallways, doors & windows.


Integrated Labor Costs

Leverage assemblies to add crew labor to your estimate as you measure.

Concrete L

Pre-built & Custom Materials

Utilize a library of painting supplies or add your own custom materials.

Paint Estimating Made Easy

Tired of time-consuming painting takeoffs?  Wish there was an easy way to speed up your paint bidding process?  You’re in luck!  STACK painting estimating software has been helping painting businesses save time, increase accuracy and bid & win more profitable work for years. 

Painting contractors use STACK to quickly and accurately calculate materials including gallons of paint, brushes, paint rollers, drop cloths & more.  Use STACK’s pre-built painting database or create your own custom assemblies. Complete takeoffs & estimates quickly and easily, giving you the extra time to bid & win more profitable work.

Nationwide Paint Co. using STACK
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Nationwide Paint Co. Increases Bid Volume 500% with STACK

Prior to STACK, Nationwide Paint Co. only had time to bid on 3 jobs per week. Using STACK has made their bid process 5 times faster, allowing them to bid on up to 15 jobs per week.

4 Benefits of Using STACK for Painting Projects

1. Collaborate With Team Members

Work with anyone using STACK. Employees, coworkers, external partners and others can access your project documents on a single platform. You can control each person’s privileges over your documents, such as whether they can make changes or are limited to viewing them. STACK permission tools work for plans, schedules, estimates and any other files you include in your platform.

If you need to highlight specific details, use the Plan Markup tool to call attention to something. Everyone stays aligned and up to date when you work out of STACK.

2. Complete Work From the Cloud

Work from home, the office, your job site or anywhere else you need to be. Our cloud-based software is accessible from anywhere you can use the internet. Update project plans or schedules as you work instead of waiting until you get back to the office. Keep your team, partners and clients up-to-date on progress and changes from the cloud with STACK.

3. Organize Project Plans and Schedules

Store everything you need to complete your painting project in a single location with STACK. STACK includes numerous features including AutoNaming. When uploading documents, your plan pages will be named according to your naming conventions to maximize organization. You can also take advantage of several other features, like Plan Search.

STACK’s interface is extremely easy to use and includes drag and drop functionality. Easily move files in and out of cascading folders to keep everything organized. STACK also comes with a Plan Overlay feature that allows you to see changes between different versions of your project plans, helping you stay on track.

4. Estimate Job Costs

Reduce the number of errors that slip by through STACK. Our painting estimate software comes with AutoCount, which helps you determine material quantities. Make items and assemblies lists by inputting the materials you use for your painting jobs. Once you’ve made a template for one project, you can save it for reuse during future jobs.

With STACK, you can take measurements or input the numbers yourself and allow the software to complete the calculations for you. Record overhead, waste, labor and other costs, too. Once you have everything inside the software, you can generate a proposal using your branding materials.

When you win, we do too

See why customers love working with STACK & how our software is helping them grow.

Green Stars 1 1 1

Project bidding that would take a day to do manually now takes just a couple of hours - saving time and money. The personalized training, online chat and customer service have been wonderful.

Tammy, B&S Paint and Wallpaper
Green Stars 1 1 1

Taking-off a project has never been easier! The STACK support team is always there to help when you need them, which makes this a 5 star cloud based estimating software.

Trevor, The Painting Hub
Green Stars 1 1 1

Best estimating software I have used! STACK is easy to use and is intuitive. I am able to bid projects quicker and can use the estimate data to create more accurate budgets. Also I no longer worry about running out of storage or only having access to the bid from my work computer. The software is web based so I can work from home or on the road seamlessly.

Tom, R3 Painting

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Our customer success team offers free support and software training for everyone on your team, making sure you know how to use STACK effectively.

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