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For many construction companies still using outdated takeoff and estimating software, transitioning to a cloud-based preconstruction solution is a quick and easy way to increase efficiency, improve flexibility, and empower team collaboration. Starting out with basic takeoff and estimating software may have made sense when you first started using PlanSwift, but as your business has expanded, your needs and operating requirements have likely evolved as well. 

If you’re using cumbersome, on-premise software, it’s likely safe to assume that you’ve outgrown being shackled to your desktop and require a solution that can support you anytime, anywhere and from any device.

But when you’re deep in the weeds, and completely immersed in the daily grind, it’s easy to put off evaluating new solutions that can benefit you and your business in the long run. Not to worry, STACK is here to help! We’ve taken the logical approach and put together the top 5 reasons on why you should switch to a software like ours!

1. You’re using on-premise/desktop-only software with slow or unreliable performance

Starting out, some companies will opt for desktop software due to their one-time payment licensing model. This makes sense for businesses producing a low volume of bids and compiling small amounts of data. However, the more you use these desktop platforms, the more it drains your computer’s processing power and the slower each task becomes. In addition, this decreases the overall intended functionality and increases the appearance of system instabilities or glitches. When your system starts to freeze up or slow down, it can create a lot of inaccuracies or rework which can be frustrating.

How STACK solves this challenge

STACK is a cloud-based software that can support the workload of any size business. Users can access the software from anywhere and on any device using their preferred browser, as long as they have an internet connection. Being web-based also provides users with unlimited document storage space on STACK servers, eliminating any concerns regarding hardware requirements.

2. You’re stuck using an outdated user interface that results in a slower onboarding time

Many legacy software programs from the 90s and 00s haven’t kept up or evolved with modern times. When the user interface is complex or outdated, you can expect the user experience to be the same. Software like this is very difficult to use “out of the box”, which makes greater accuracy hard to attain due to how common user errors are. Complex systems also tend to have a lot of clutter, making it difficult to find what you need.

How STACK solves this challenge

It’s time to upgrade from the 20th to the 21st century. STACK’s interface is modern and clean and makes even the most complex preconstruction scenarios easy to execute. With our intuitive tools and features, users can get up and running in just a few hours which means less downtime for you and your team! STACK is also constantly improving and instantly provides software updates to all users, at no extra cost. You won’t have to find, evaluate, and learn a new solution as your needs and team members change because our solution grows with you.

3. You need more mobility and the ability to easily collaborate with others

Whether you’re a part of a team or you work from multiple locations, you’ll find that you need a place to compile and consolidate everyone’s data. Without a shared local storage network, often restricted to your office space, desktop software tends to limit your ability to easily share project information. Without the ability to collaborate and share information in a timely fashion, it’s easy to miss bid deadlines or submit a last-minute inaccurate bid.

How STACK solves this challenge

Using STACK, your team can access and share project plans, details, and reports from the office, job site, home – anywhere! All work is saved in real-time so everyone can see any project updates while they’re logged in as a unique user. STACK can also help you standardize your processes and help keep your team aligned during all phases of a project. Using company settings, admins can preset configurations for things like labels and cost types for their entire team! The best part is that leveraging STACK collaboration is as easy as adding user logins to your account. From there, you can control each user’s access and permissions with predefined user roles.

4. You’d like to be able to sync or transfer your data to other platforms

Moving data or documentation from one system to the next can be a logistical nightmare. A lot of the larger, clunky systems require significant technical resources to make this possible, and they often fail when the data structure becomes complex. Having to manage multiple data sets and document versions in multiple places and formats is enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out!

How STACK solves this challenge

STACK has many integrations and business partners that allow you to seamlessly move your documents or data from one platform to another. Whether you’re doing some advanced project management using a solution like Procore or want to continue using your custom excel spreadsheets, we’ve got you covered! In addition, STACK has an open API that allows for easy connection with other solutions that simplify and enhance the preconstruction process.

5. You’re offered limited and inconsistent support

When you’re working in a cumbersome system, it can be tough to navigate on your own. Most solutions require that you pay an additional fee to receive training and support. This unforeseen cost can be a nuisance when you’ve recently purchased a tool that you realize you can’t figure out how to use.

How STACK solves this challenge

While it’s easy to get started with STACK on your own, our world-class customer success team is always standing by to lend a helping hand, at no additional cost. We ensure all of our customers go through software training and always have the option to schedule additional training for unique construction scenarios. Whether by chat, phone, or email, STACK is invested in the success of its users.

As you’ve read through this article, some of these business challenges may sound familiar. If any of the above is recognizable, the question is not an if but when you should migrate your business to a more modern solution.

While you’re evaluating our software to justify changing platforms, be sure to keep these considerations top-of-mind:
• Overall functionality and feature sets
• Information management capabilities
• Operational and process flexibility
• Organizational impact

STACK provides a sophisticated and robust tool that will have a positive impact in every category. Whatever your reasons for wanting to switch, STACK gives you the ability to try before you buy, so there’s no better time than now.

Create a free account and schedule a guided walkthrough with one of our trade specialists to see how our software can help solve your problems and help you work smarter.


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