Free Plumbing Cost Estimating and Bidding Software

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Free Plumbing Cost Estimating and Bidding Software

If you’re still using old-school estimation for plumbing construction jobs, you could be sending money down the drain. Free plumbing estimating programs can make quick work of repetitive calculations and research so you can focus on building a better bid and getting more clients. Plumbing estimate software modernizes your approach to bidding, helping you boost accuracy and efficiency to create a better experience for your clients.

What Does Plumbing Estimator Software Do?

Plumbing estimation software replaces your pen, paper and blueprints with a highly capable, digital alternative to building estimates. You can include all materials and labor costs needed to generate detailed bids and proposals.

A bare-bones plumbing estimation program might help with tasks like:

  • Calculating required quantities and costs for labor and materials.
  • Generating detailed bids from item and assembly libraries.
  • Creating a bill of material for supply orders.
  • Building professional proposals ready for client submission.

More robust plumbing estimate software can help with things like collaboration, reducing costs and organizing your plan documents. Some of the best programs will work as a digital space to connect with everyone involved, like employees and other contractors. The software can help you stay organized and on the same page with cloud-based access that lets you work from anywhere.

Plumbing estimator software is one of the best ways to speed up your bidding process and improve accuracy. By letting software take over the calculations, you save countless hours on estimations and benefit from tools that scan for errors or missed supplies that would otherwise cost you down the line.

The Benefits Of Plumbing

The Benefits of Plumbing Estimate Software

Modern software solutions are a key part of the future of the construction industry and a necessity for staying competitive. Clients expect timely, professional and accurate estimates, and software can help you meet those demands.

Some advantages of free plumbing estimating software include:

  • – Accuracy: An overlooked pipe or a miscalculation of labor hours can hurt your revenue and delay your project. While pen-and-paper estimations deal with human error, software can perform calculations perfectly and keep an eye out for errors. It can pull approximate costs for you or incorporate your real costs, including often-overlooked expenses like labor adjustments and waste.
  • – Efficiency: Simplified estimates can free up your schedule to tackle more bids or focus on more important tasks. With tools like templates and custom assemblies, you can use consistent, repeatable information to build your estimates without re-entering data and risking errors.
  • – A strong reputation: When you submit a bid, you’re focused on making your services look as attractive as possible to the client. Unprofessional estimates won’t win you any contracts. Plumbing estimating software can help you create polished, professional and complete bids to impress your clients. Send them a branded proposal on a timely schedule and show them what to expect with your accuracy and efficiency.
  • – Profitability: When you win more bids, work more efficiently and reduce risks, you’re more likely to boost your bottom line. Estimation software offers a great return on investment (ROI). We even have a handy ROI calculator available so you can see exactly how much it can help.

Whatever your workflow looks like, plumbing bidding software is an exceptional tool for contractors and can greatly improve your chances of winning bids, working faster and increasing revenue — but you’ll need the right platform. Some bidding software misses the mark, so look for a program that’s packed with features and backed by a skilled team and plenty of satisfied customers.

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How STACK Does Plumbing Bidding Software

STACK can help with everything we’ve just mentioned and more. It can help you throughout preconstruction and construction with an array of tools to streamline your work and earn you more bids. Our free starter accounts let you try STACK and see how it fits into your workflow.

Below are some of the tools and capabilities you’ll find in STACK.

1. Customizable Templates and Assemblies

Build out the frequently used parts of your estimates with takeoff templates and custom assemblies. STACK has these tools available to cut down on repetitive tasks and ensure consistency and quality every time you need to reuse components.

2. Pre-Built and Customizable Databases

Our trade-specific databases include large libraries of plumbing supplies and let you add your own materials. Build your estimates by selecting the right items, and let STACK make your calculations accordingly.

3. Report and Proposal Generation

Include every detail every time with STACK’s report and proposal generation tools. Automatically include your brand name, contact details and terms and conditions in every proposal. STACK helps you create polished, consistent and easy-to-read proposals your clients will appreciate. It also helps you generate reports on takeoff summaries and details and costs for material, labor and equipment.

4. Organizational Tools

STACK can even help you keep your plans and documents organized. It can hold your files in the cloud and help you sort through them. AutoNaming generates names for your plans automatically, while plan and keyword searches can find terms across your entire document library. STACK can even create automatic hyperlinks within your plans to help you quickly jump to the right file.

5. Ease of Use and Exceptional Customer Service

We built STACK to be intuitive and simple, so even the most technologically averse plumber can learn it quickly. With a simple interface and onboarding resources, you and your team can dive right in and make the most of STACK. Our free training and ongoing support can help you learn more about the program, too.

6. Integrations

Many contractors use several programs to get their work done, and seamless connections help improve their value. STACK offers integrations with popular industry tools, including word processors, customer relationship management (CRM) programs and accounting software.

Some of these tools that work alongside STACK include:

  • Dropbox
  • Dodge Data & Analytics
  • Procore
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • TotalBid
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • 1build

7. Cloud-Based Access

Say goodbye to driving back to the office to get to your computer or printing out a file to take to the jobsite. STACK works in the cloud, so you can access it from virtually any device with an internet connection. Since your files are stored in the cloud, a lost, stolen or damaged computer doesn’t mean your plans are gone. The cloud also lets us push weekly updates and improvements to the program without asking you to download anything or pay extra.

8. Scalability

If you’re working on taking your business to new heights, STACK is right there with you. Start with a free account, and when the jobs start piling up, adding more users or simultaneous projects is simple and fast. Plus, with our on-demand training tools and onboarding resources, you can add team members in no time. If you work in other areas of construction, your STACK account has tools for various specialties, too, like electrical work, masonry and general contracting.

Try Free Plumbing Estimation Software With STACK

Modernizing your plumbing estimations is an essential part of staying competitive, and STACK makes it simple. Ready to start working faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively? Ditch your manual estimations in just a few steps and see why so many users have turned to STACK for plumbing bid software. Sign up for a free starter account today!


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